Fundraising Events

NASA’s goal is to keep participation fees as low as possible. In fact, participation fees in all three of NASA’s programs cover coaching salaries ONLY. Consequently, club families must be involved in NASA fundraising efforts.

Annually, NASA needs to raise approximately $12,000 through fundraising to cover all other expenses needed to operate the program. The most important fundraiser for NASA is the Annual Raffle Sale. Every NASA family will have some type of obligation with the Raffle Sale. That obligation is clearly defined in each of NASA’s programs information packets (see Programs on this website).

Your NASA board is planning a ski-a-thon for late February. Specific details will be announced in January. The NASA Invitational held typically in early January is a major fundraiser for us as well. Parent volunteers are needed for all fundraising events for them to be successful.

In advance, we thank all NASA families for their assistance will all NASA fundraising projects.