CUSSA PROGRAM 2017-2018 Information



The NASA CUSSA Program began in the 1995-96 ski season. Since that time NASA athletes took on the challenge of taking their game to the next level.

NASA CUSSA athletes have achieved great success in USSA/FIS ski racing not only with Region III but Central Division, nationally (FIS, NorAM and US Nationals) and internationally (European FIS, World Juniors and Europa Cup). NASA athletes have won 10 Rocky/Central Junior Olympic titles, 2 USSA National titles and have represented the United States in international competitions including the Whistler Cup and Trofeo Topolino (world’s most prestigious children’s race). NASA CUSSA has seen its athletes placed in the United States Ski Team’s National Development System and on the United States Ski Team. As well, NASA CUSSA athletes have achieved NCAA Division I Podium’s and NCAA Division I All-American First Team honors.

Head Coach

Dan Janowiak from Manistee, Michigan now brings over 40 years experience coaching ski racing. He is a USSA Level 300 Certified Coach. Dan was head coach of the Manistee High School Ski Teams for 26 years. He founded and managed the Manistee Ski Club (now NASA) beginning in the early eighties.

Dan has had the good fortune to have assisted the Quantum Sports Club (now Team Breckenridge Sports Club) in Breckenridge, Colorado and has also developed a good association with the FIS level coaches and program directors around the country.

Twice Dan was part of Team USA coaching staff at the Whistler Cup in British Columbia, Canada. He was one of 10 invited coaches to assist at the first U.S. Ski Team’s National Development System camp in Mt. Hood, Oregon. His experience also includes four European trips with elite level FIS athletes for training and competition. Dan was inducted into the Michigan High School Ski Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1999.


Three nights per week and select weekends! Training nights will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 4:30pm-7:30pm. Athletes who begin training at 4:30pm will train until 6:30pm. Again, for the 2017-2018 season there will be a training block from 5:30pm-7:30pm. Yes, this schedule should strongly appeal to athletes who can’t make the 4:30 start or high school athletes looking to enhance their training with NASA CUSSA after their regular high school training. Training will begin on December 12, 2017.

Training with NASA CUSSA is the choice of serious athletes from the Northwestern region of Lower Michigan and points beyond. The track record that Head Coach Dan Janowiak has established is second to none. If you are a U14 or U16 looking to climb the USSA ladder, NASA CUSSA is for you. Coach Dan Janowiak has proven success getting athletes in grades 5-8 ready for USSA Junior Championships or high school racing. If you are a U19 or U21 you will continue to climb the ladder in either USSA/FIS or high school racing. NASA CUSSA racers are having fun and getting it done! The reasons are simple: coach Janowiak has created a training environment that is fun, well disciplined, well-structured where every day all athletes “get something done” and are “better at the end of the day”.  Coach Janowiak makes no guarantees, other than that he’ll be there every day for training and work as hard as possible for every athlete.

Make NASA CUSSA your choice for 2017-2018!    

Training Site

Crystal Mountain Resort, Thompsonville, Michigan. Crystal Mountain Resort has been supporting ski racing for over thirty years. Crystal has embraced collegiate, high school and junior race programs in a very special way. The Northwestern Alpine Ski Academy has long established itself as the premier ski racing development program at Crystal Mountain.

Training Emphasis  

Focus will be on slalom and giant slalom. Limited speed event training will be available also. Athletes need to develop a sound fundamental base. On snow training will provide an appropriate mix of gate and gateless training. NASA CUSSA will provide properly set training courses and provide as safe a training environment as possible.


Athletes can only compete as well as their physical condition permits. NASA CUSSA athletes are expected to be in good physical condition.


NASA will be holding its Annual Raffle for the 2017-2018 season. Details of the Raffle will be posted on the NASA website when available. Each NASA CUSSA family will be responsible for selling 20 NASA Raffle Tickets. 


Scholarships will be awarded to NASA athletes based on performance and/or financial need. NASA scholarship information/forms will be posted on the NASA website early this fall. Coach Geoff Paine is NASA’s scholarship committee chair.


Registration deadline for returning NASA CUSSA athletes is Sunday, October 15, 2017. Click here for the Online Registration Form (form not available due to cancellation).

Athletes who register are required to complete the NASA Liability Release Form. Please print and sign the NASA release form (form not available due to cancellation) and mail to:


P.O. BOX 145


The 2017-2018 NASA CUSSA Program will provide 6 program options which are listed below:

NASA CUSSA Program Options

Title of ProgramDescriptionCost
Full Training and Full Region 3
Race Option
Includes training three nights per week, holiday training, select weekends and coaching at all Region III events.$1395 for U21, U19 and U16
$1295 for U14, U12 and U10
Partial Training and Full Region 3
Race Option
Includes training three nights per week, holiday training, select weekends and coaching at all Region III events. This option may be the choice of high school athletes who must spend time training with their team.$1145 all age groups
Full Training OptionIncludes three days of training per week, holiday training, plus select weekends.$1045 all age groups
Full Region 3 Race OptionIncludes coaching at all Region III events, holiday training, plus select weekend training.$995 for all age groups
Partial Training OptionIncludes holiday training, select weekend training, and one mid-week training day per week (approximately 23-25 days of training).$650 for all age groups
Partial Region 3
Race Option
Includes coaching at two Region III weekend events.FREE
(For first time NASA CUSSA or NASA Race Academy athletes.
Please contact Dan Janowiak)

Contact Information

Dan Janowiak
Home Office: 231-723-7512 Cell: 231-510-5456