NASA Board

Bob Veneklasen - Board President

Bob Veneklasen lives in Spring Lake with his wife Pam, and his daughter Sophia who is 13. They also have a son Rob who is 23, and currently living in Traverse City.

Bob and Pam both grew up in skier families. He is happy to be on the board and wants to see the team grow so that more young people can have the same experiences and opportunities that their daughter Sophia has had in her skiing at Crystal.

Bryan Thomas - Vice President

I began skiing in the sixth grade and went on to race in high school. I am married and have three children. My boys Keagan and Kylar race for CUSSA and NASA Race Academy and we ski together as a family as well. I am employed at PCA. I enjoy skiing, camping, hunting, fishing and spending time with my family. I serve on the NASA board to support our local ski club and to support a sport that my kids and I enjoy!

Linda Pershinske  - Secretary/Treasurer

Hello, my name is Linda Pershinske.  I began skiing at age 4.  Skiing was a family sport for me as a child and something I wanted my children to enjoy as well.  My husband began skiing at 17 with my dad teaching him.  I love the fact that we can enjoy a day of family fun while appreciating the beauty of Northern Michigan.  

It is always a joy to be able to leave my CPA firm in Traverse City in the evenings to spend time on the slopes with our NASA family. We have three children all of whom have raced.  Katie (21) is a Senior at Northern Michigan University.  Jessica (17) and Andrew (15) both attend Leland Public School and have raced for both the NASA Race and NASA CUSSA Programs.  I am so proud to represent and be part of such a wonderful program as NASA.