The NASA Race Academy Program was established in the early eighties. For many years the Race Academy has served as the club’s entry level race program as well as its premier level program.

The NASA Race Academy provided all the fundamental training that allowed its athletes to achieve at the highest levels. The intramural and inter-club racing has been first rate. Most of NASA’s finest ski racers in the past 30 years got their start in the Race Academy.

Leadership - Dan Janowiak

Dan Janowiak founded the NASA program in the early eighties. Dan is a USSA Level 300 Certified Coach with 40 years of experience. Dan also was head coach of the Manistee High School Ski Teams for 26 seasons. Currently, Dan is the Program Manager/Head Coach of NASA as well as the head coach of the NASA CUSSA Program.

Dan will be assisted by Danyeil Schubert, Matt Ellis, Richard Totch, Andy Cook, Ellen Whiting, Geoff Paine, Chris Fisher, Rick Bobian, David Cunningham, and Carlee McCardel. Collectively this staff has roughly 175 years of coaching experience!

Race Academy / Middle School Training 

The Race Academy / Middle School Program is designed as a 3 day per week training/racing program to accomplish very specific athletic goals for the season. Please sign up for either the Midweek OR the Weekend Training so we will have you registered for the program; however, members may attend any or all of the six days of training per week.

Training days for the Midweek RA/MS Training Group are Tuesday from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm, Wednesday from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm, and Thursday from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm. Training days for the Weekend Race Academy Training Group are Friday 6pm-8pm, Saturday 9-12 and Sunday 9-12.

When NASA RA/MS is racing on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, there will be no training that day. A detailed race/training calendar will be provided.

NASA Holiday Race Camp  

The NASA Holiday Camp will be offered in two sessions. The first session will be from December 22-24 and the second session will be from December 26-29. NASA Race Academy athletes are strongly encouraged to participate in both sessions of the Holiday Race Camp. RA athletes need this additional volume of training. Find detailed NASA Holiday Camp information can be found on the NASA website (www.nasaalpine.org) under Training Camps/NASA Holiday Camp.

Training Site

Crystal Mountain Resort, Thompsonville, Michigan. Crystal Mountain Resort has embraced collegiate, high school and junior race programs in a very special way. NASA has long established itself as the premier ski race development program at Crystal Mountain.

Training Emphasis  

Primary focus will be on technical/tactical skill development and having fun. Giant Slalom and slalom will be trained each week. On snow training will include an appropriate mix of gateless and gate training. Athletes will participate in both inter-club and intramural racing.


Athletes can only compete as well as their physical condition permits. NASA Race Academy athletes are expected to be in good physical condition.


Transportation to training and competition will be the responsibility of the athlete’s family.


Registration deadline for returning NASA Race Academy members is Sunday, October 15, 2017. New Race Academy members are encouraged to register as early as possible. Click here for the Online Registration Form (form not available due to cancellation).

Athletes who register are required to complete the NASA Liability Release Form. Please print off the NASA release form (form not available due to cancellation) and mail to:


P.O. BOX 145


NASA will be holding its Annual Raffle for the 2017-2018 season. Details of the Raffle will be posted on the NASA website when available. Each Race Academy family will be responsible for selling 20 NASA Raffle Tickets.


Scholarships will be awarded to NASA athletes based on performance and/or financial need. NASA scholarship information/forms will be posted on the NASA website www.nasaalpine.org early this fall.Coach Geoff Paine is NASA’s scholarship committee chair. NASA scholarship applications are due by November 4, 2017.


Race Academy cost for the 2017-2018 season is $465. For athletes who are U10 and under or first-year members, the cost is $365. Participation fees are due at the time of online registration. These Race Academy participation fees do not include the NASA Holiday Race Camp.

Contact Information

Dan Janowiak - Program Manager/Head Coach
Cell: 231-510-5456